A letter to a friend


A reply letter to a friend


Dear Ronnie,


I’ve just received your letter and I’m so glad that you seem to have a good time in Singapore.=)


You mentioned that you’ve read 30 books to brush up your English and it sounds nice. Still, do you remember the time when we were librarians? And I recommended you to start ‘The Land of Stories- the Wishing Spell’ for your next book coz I’ve just finished it and it was so much fun! By the way, I’m here to tell you something disappointing =( For my UT results, my grades dropped a lot because I didn’t make much effort but I wasted my time on origami. I regretted a lot for that when I got my report card. So, I’m going to set a goal, which  is to reach the top 20 in form! You’ll support me, right?


Well,  the Sports Day this year took place so early. It was held in September. It was full of excitement and happiness, especially the House Relay. And here comes the BOOMING news! Natalie Mai from the Intellect House defeated our heroine, Rachel Chan! We were all shocked because of that! For me, I’ve not gotten  any prize as usual. For the school picnic, my class went to Clear Water Bay and we were all covered by sand. I also built a sandcastle with Gina :).


‘Gear up. Go the extra mile’ is always the tagline of Miss Ng and it’s still the school’s major concern. I want to challenge myself and I’ve joined the FLL Tournament. That is a challenging competition and I’ve learnt much, from building robots, programming to leadership and I’ve gained friendship, which is valuable.


Will you come back to Hong Kong during Christmas? I’ve planned to watch the firework display on the New Year’s Eve. Let’s join it together if you’re coming <3. Take care and hope to see you later.






So Yin Tung, Minny

2B  2016-17