Mystery Location


Near my school, Carmel Secondary School, there are malls, other secondary schools and so on. But there’s one place that is quite mysterious yet I think it is quite noticeable too.

I assure you that it is very close to my school, a 5-minute walk will do. As you walk down the road, it is quite steep but everyone even the elderly can manage it. The sounds of motors, whispering and yelling from students can be heard. Once you walk out of the school door, a bus stop can be found there and basically it is in front of the door. When it is raining, the floor will be very slippery and you can be an ice-skater. When it is sunny, you are sweating like a dog and when it is winter, it is so cold, up to two jackets would be needed to keep you warm.

As I mentioned before, you have to walk on a steep road in order to arrive at the plaza. It is called “Oi Man Plaza” and its history is quite interesting to read – even the Queen Of England came here? You can either choose to walk straight to the mystery place or go there through the plaza, but it is quite time-consuming.

Inside my mystery location, you can buy various goods there. Once you arrive, there is a big banner in red that catches people’s attention when they pass by this place. You can feel the satisfied feeling once you step in there. The air-conditioning is so cool in summer that you have to bring a jacket along. Housewives and domestic helpers are mostly found there. My mystery place is really colourful. There are two floors in this place. The upper floor is popular with housewives, while the lower floor is a place where kids and teenagers like the most. The lower floor is warmer compard to the upper floor. Couple rows are filled with food and snacks, such as chips, drinks, crackers and so on. Some cleaning tools can be found there too!

If you are still perplexed, I can tell you the way. The outside of this mystery place is often crowded. During three to four o’clock on weekdays, it is crowded with groups of students, either chatting or playing with their “addiction”. There is a bus stop outside, and that’s another reason why lots of students will pass by the place. Nearby, a wet market, restaurants and 7-11 are visible. By the time you walk out, smell of food attracts you and it may convince you to buy some food to satisfy your self.

If you still cannot solve this mystery, grab this paper, walk around and read the features inside and outside this place, ask for help. Maybe you can then figure out what this place is.