A Big Monster                                          

One night, I was awakened by the sound of distant thunder. As I opened my eyes, I saw a big shadow on the wall and it was swinging. I was so afraid. However, I turned my head to the right slowly and looked outside the window. Oh! I saw a BIG MONSTER there.

I jumped out of my bed immediately, then ran to Dad and Mum’s bedroom quickly and exclaimed, ‘Dad! Mum! There’s……there’s a BIG MONSTER outside the window!’ But Mum didn’t believe it and replied, ‘Ok! Ok! Everything is all right. Go to sleep now and don’t cry like a baby anymore, please!’

After I convinced Mum that it was true and I was not dreaming, Mum and Dad walked with me to my bedroom. We walked very slowly and quietly. Then I asked, ‘Is the monster here now?’ ‘Shhh! Don’t speak so loudly!’ Dad whispered. We hid behind the door to look through the gap. ‘It’s real! The monster even said “hi” to me!’ Dad was shocked. ‘ Oh My God! What can we do now?’ Mum was very frightened.

Afterwards, the monster became bigger and bigger, the shadow also became larger and larger. It was like the monster wanted to eat our home. Just at that time, we had an idea. We used some newspaper to make a big ball and threw to it, but the monster wasn’t afraid and wasn’t hurt at all.

Just as we were about to escape, suddenly a thunder struck again and the wind blew stronger. We all looked outside at the same time. At this moment, we discovered that……the BIG MONSTER outside disappeared.

We were so happy about that but at the same time we were surprised. ‘Yeahhh! We won! Our idea was fantastic!’ I shouted. Dad and Mum didn’t believe it, so they looked outside again.

‘Oh! So silly us! It’s just a big tree that fell down because of the thunder. The wind was blowing so it’s like saying “hi” to us!’ Dad and Mum grinned. Finally, we went to bed free from worry.