Hi, I’m Nobita


One night, I was awakened by the sound of distant thunder.  As I opened my eyes, I was floating in a time tunnel moving to another place…

In the morning, I heard a woman’s voice, “Nobita, wake up!  Or you will be late for school!” I woke up and found I was sleeping on the floor and my room was different from before.  I saw a blue creature walking to me.  Oh, no, he was Doraemon!  He stared at me and said, “Go to brush your teeth, Nobita!”

“Me?  I’m Nobita?” I was thinking. I was so curious. I rushed down to the toilet and looked in the mirror.  I really had turned into a boy and a cartoon character.  Oh my God! “No, it wasn’t real, it must be a dream.” I thought. “No, it was good to be here with Doraemon …,” I thought. I slapped my face. Ouch, it hurt! It was real! Oh! I had to accept this new life with Doraemon.

I heard a woman’s (Nobita’s mum) voice again, “Hurry up, Nobita! Come out!” I changed my clothes and ran to school. Actually, I was a little bit excited about this new life because I love Doraemon and I could use his magical gadgets.

I was late for school. The teacher shouted at me, “Oh! Nobita! Why are you late? This is the first time you’re late for school.” I was surprised because in the Doraemon cartoon, Nobita was always late for school, but why wasn’t he here? The teacher said to me, “As this is your first time, I’ll forgive you once. Hand in your homework.”

“Sorry. I forgot to do my homework.” Everyone stared curiously at me, they all said, “You always hand in homework on time.” I was shocked because in the cartoon, Nobita was lazy and never handed in homework punctually. The teacher gave me a chance and I returned to my seat with a strange feeling…

The teacher distributed the exam paper.  When I took the paper, the teacher said, “Oh! Nobita, well done! You’ve got full marks!” “Everything is the same as in the Doraemon cartoon that I love, but one thing has changed here–  Nobita is a clever boy, not a lazy boy. He is hard-working and good at everything, “I thought.

After school, when I was walking home, a black car stopped in front of me and two mysterious men who were wearing black shirts came out of the car.  They asked, “Are you Nobita, the genius child?”  “Yes, I am,” I said.  “Get in the car.  Dr. Risk needs you to help him to finish his plan.”

“No, I won’t” I cried. They pushed me inside the car. “Ouch! Hey! Leave me alone!” I cried. They stuck my mouth with a tape.

When we arrived at a strange place, they took me into a house. Inside, there was a laboratory and a man said, “I am Dr. Risk. I want you to help me to find out the password of this large computer. If you succeed, I will let you leave!”

I was thinking, “Should I help him? No, of course, he isn’t a good man. I will give him a wrong password.” “OK! I’ll try.” I pressed all the buttons of the keyboard.  Suddenly, the computer exploded. Dr. Risk was indeed furious. I ran around the room and he was chasing me.

At that moment, someone came in. It was Doraemon and ‘me’! I was a girl before and I was coming to rescue myself. Doraemon used his magic weapon to stop Dr. Risk moving. As I saw the real “me”, I was dumbfounded. I asked her, “Why do you know I am here?”

She said, “This morning, I found that I went to a different place and I turned into a girl. I guess we have turned into each other. Then, Doraemon told me to rescue you. Dr. Risk is a criminal who came from the 22nd century and is wanted by the policemen in the future.” Just then some policemen from the future came and took Dr. Risk and his subordinates away.

At that moment, I finally knew what was happening.  Luckily, Doraemon restored our identity and he took out a magic door and took me back to where I belonged.

“Goodbye! Nice to meet you guys!” I shouted. They waved their hands and I returned to Hong Kong. My house was the same as before and life was peaceful again.

“Ding Dong!” I opened the door and there stood my dear friends, Doraemon and Nobita. I was so excited to see them again!