A mystery place


There is a place near Carmel Secondary School and this place is well-known by all students, teachers and workers. This place is also very important to us.


First, in the morning, we can usually see a lot of elderly sitting and chatting in this place. Some of them have breakfast in the Chinese restaurant there. Also, we can see lots of vendors there to prepare for their business. In the afternoon, we can always see students from schools nearby rush down to buy their meals. The restaurants are also crowded with people and very noisy at this time.


Second, in the morning it is always quiet and we can only hear some people chatting and shopkeepers preparing things for their shops. But during the lunchtime, more and more people come to this place. We can hear people chatting and ordering food and noises from buses and cars. But after rush hours, people leave and this place become quiet again.


In this place, we can smell different smells from the restaurants which make people’s mouths water. Apart from that, we can also smell the vegetables and fruit there which are very refreshing. We can also try some tasty food there and there are many choices for people.


Besides, there are also some housing estates around. Some bus stops are also located near this place which are very convenient for students and people living around. The wall of this place is painted in green and white which is very eye-catching.


At last, I think this place is very warm and known well by Carmelians. This place is always related to us and this place has lots of memories for different people. I hope my hints will help you to guess what this place is.