A letter of reply to a complaint about a damaged musical instrument


6C Rachel Leung


Learning English through Workplace Communication

You work in the customer services department of a major airline.  You have received a complaint from a member of a famous orchestra, Miss Kary Mak, about a valuable musical instrument being damaged during an international flight.  Your boss has asked you to write a letter to the customer to apologize and explain what actions your company will take to resolve the problem.




Dear Miss Mak,


Thank you for your letter in which you mentioned the damage of your musical instrument during a flight in our airline.  We are sorry to hear that and I would like to express our most genuine apology for your unpleasant flight journey.  We are going to take a number of measures to rectify the fault and prevent the problem from happening again.


First and foremost, we carried out rounds of investigations and tried to find out the causes of the accident.  After sending some staff to probe into the case, we suspect that there are two major causes.  The first one is about the transition on the luggage conveyor belt.  When the luggage is being delivered to the belt, they may ram into each other and this will cause damage.  We also take the transportation in the air into account. We have long been commended for our good service.  Customers patronizing our airline have full confidence in how we take care of their belongings.  We are always doing our utmost to separate different pieces of luggage to avoid them from crashing with each other. However, there are always some unpredictable factors especially during an international fight as the time staying on the plane is much longer.  After all, we are still not able to prevent turbulence.  Records about the flight you took showed that the plane had encountered a very strong turbulence in the middle of the journey and a number of boxes being placed on the top of the luggage had fallen down, which probably caused the damage to the one that you owned.  We would try our best to come up with better measures to prevent similar accidents from occurring again.


We would like to extend our apology to you for the damage of your valuable musical instrument.  We understand that it may mean causing you serious trouble as you may not be able to use it in your orchestra world tour performance when it is undergoing repairs.  To compensate for your loss, we would like to share part of the repair fee.  In addition, we are more than willing to offer you a 50% discount on your next air ticket.  We hope that the accident will not affect your confidence in our service and being our valued customer, you would continue to patronize our company.


To further improve our service, our airline is going to implement a new measure.  At the check-in counters, our front-line staff will provide customers with more packaging materials such as large card boxes and virtual bubble wrapping paper.  It is hoped that when the fragile and vulnerable objects are given more protection, less damage will be caused.  Moreover, we will reduce the speed of delivery to lower the possibility of luggage crashing into one another and being damaged.


Once again, thank you for taking the time to write to us so that we know the area  for improvement.  We cordially hope that you would accept our apology and compensation.  Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact us again.


Yours sincerely,

Chris Wong

Chris Wong

Customer Services Department