A leaflet for recruiting school ambassadors


The Hong Kong College Ambassador Program



Why the school needs ambassadors


Nowadays it is not uncommon to see secondary schools recruiting school ambassadors. School ambassadors are actually playing a crucial role in a school’s daily operation today. Being the students’ representatives, school ambassadors will try to establish bridges between schools so as to facilitate more communication and exchange opportunities among students from different schools. For example, school ambassadors of different schools will co-organise events like the inter-school English Debating Competition, Form 6 students’ oral practice, Christmas ball and so on. Through these inter-school activities organised by school ambassadors, not only can students widen their horizons by meeting new friends coming from other schools, but students can also utilize these precious chances to compete with those outside, honing their skills in various aspects like those in debating and playing sports.


In a recent teachers’ meeting, our teachers have discussed the popular trend of having school ambassadors. It is seen that our students in the Hong Kong College tend to be less ambitious and brave as they lack the experience of having contact with students coming from other schools. Therefore, in order to open the eyes of our students, our school is now recruiting school ambassadors and we are now looking forward to your participation.



What qualities we look for in an ambassador


As mentioned, school ambassadors play the role of facilitating communication between students from different schools. In order to co-organise some inter-school activities with school ambassadors from another school, a good communication skill is required for being a school ambassador. It is because school ambassadors have to approach each other to start their cooperation without any guidance from schools. Student ambassadors may not know each other and therefore they should try to explain their school policies and restrictions to each other as well as to discuss how to organize the inter-school activities, like deciding the date, venue and resources needed. Without a good communication skill, students may find it hard to collaborate with those coming from other schools. Obstacles may be encountered and probably the events will not be held successfully without thorough and in-depth communication between school ambassadors.


Students who are interested in being our school ambassadors thereby will be required to be interviewed by our vice-principal Mrs. Chan for the assessment of their communication skills after their applications.



How you will benefit from joining the program


Although being a school ambassador may not be an easy task for students, it is certainly an eye-opening experience for our students. As the major task of student ambassadors is to organize inter-school activities, students can actually gain these experiences. In the university life or even in the future workplace, students will always be asked to help plan and host different activities. Being student ambassadors is certainly a way to get yourself ready and well-equipped for the challenges you have to face in the coming years of life. With all these experiences, you will be able to think of activities, communicate with others and cope with sudden situations.



Being a student ambassador is definitely beneficial to your personal growth. If you are interested in being one, do not hesitate to send your application to us.