A leaflet for recruiting school ambassadors


The Hong Kong College Ambassador Program



Why the school needs ambassadors

The ultimate aim of the Ambassador Program is to provide junior students with help from senior form schoolmates and enable them to adapt to the new environment as soon as possible. As form one students are unfamiliar with the school’s culture and operation, it is of utmost importance for them to receive guidance from others. Our Buddy Ambassadors will tour freshmen around and clarify their uncertainties in various areas like extra-curricular activities or academic problems. Buddy Ambassadors are the key to creating a harmonious school environment and assisting junior schoolmates.



What qualities we look for in an ambassador

Unlike traditional recruiting process that would put strong emphasis on the academic performance of applicants, what our programme values is the suitability of applicants’ personality and characteristics. We search for buddy ambassadors with an outgoing and friendly personality, who can get along with junior schoolmates very well and provide guidance to them with patience. It is also equally important for our ambassadors to be responsible, as you can never abandon your ‘brothers and sisters’ or leave them alone, right? Although it might be quite demanding, we are still eager to look for buddies that would promote a positive image and influence to our freshmen. It would be most suitable if buddies are able to release the pressure and anxiety of junior students and spread positive values to them.



How you will benefit from joining the program

Apart from having the experience to polish your portfolio, senior students can indeed benefit a lot through joining the Ambassador Programme. The programme can without a doubt hone students’ interpersonal skills. By guiding freshmen in the form of group play and school tours, buddies are able to learn how to deliver crucial details and information to their team members and to assist them when they are faced with different challenges. Buddies can therefore polish their communication skills, interpersonal skills and problem solving skills in the process of helping junior form schoolmates. If you are confident in guiding others and possess the qualities we are looking for, do not hesitate! Just feel free to contact any association member and apply for being a buddy ambassador. I ensure you that it would be a fruitful and delightful experience.