A letter of reply to give advice


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Your friend Peter is planning to give up studying medicine in order to work for a youth drama group instead. He has written a letter to you asking for your advice on this matter. Write a letter of reply to Peter, explaining what you think he should do and why.



Dear Peter,


Thanks so much for sharing your worries about your future career prospect with me! Actually, I have already noticed that you are caught in a dilemma between studying medicine or working for a youth drama group when you updated your Facebook status a few days ago. As your best friend, I believe that it is best for you to chase after your dream.


Well, working for a drama group has been your greatest aspiration since you were a child, isn’t it? So why give it up when you have the chance to realize your dream? Of course, I understand that studying medicine in the university seems to be a wiser choice in most people’s eyes as it has a more promising job prospect. However, are you really willing to sacrifice your happiness just to fit in to society’s expectations? Working for a drama group does not necessarily mean that you will have dimmer future, you can still get promoted by working with passion and enthusiasm, and that’s what really matters in life, right?


Timing is also another crucial factor for you to work for the drama group. You

are still young and energetic, this is the most appropriate moment for you to walk out of the comfort zone and try something fascinating without considering other aspects in life like your children or your partner. It would be quite difficult, if not impossible for you to give up your profession after years of studies. Imagine if you really continue studying medicine and got the license, would it be practical for you to quit at that time? Peter, it’s either now or never and I don’t want you to regret making a wrong choice.


Ask yourself a question: Do you have to support your family members? Well, the answer is quite obvious, your parents are lawyers and they certainly need not rely on you. If you’re born in a family with financial difficulties and your parents have to burn the candle at both ends, I wouldn’t suggest you work for a drama group as it’s too irresponsible.

However, you’re fortunate enough to be born and raised in an open-minded, affluent and supportive family and I’m sure your parents will respect your decision no matter what. This is definitely to your advantage and you should really make use of your prime of life to accomplish your greatest goal in life.


Peter, I really hope that you will take my advice and actualize your childhood dream. No matter which path you pick in the end, I will always support you and I believe that you can make a wise choice. Write back when you have made up your mind!





Best regards,