Tattoos has been found more popular among young people recently. Why is it so? What are your views? Write a blog entry, with the title “Tattoo? Mmm…”.


Tattoo? Mmm…


Guys, sorry for not updating my blog for long. Actually, I’ve got a host of revision and homework these weeks as I’m preparing for my public examination next year. Let’s get back to topic. As you all know, I have a younger sister. Shockingly, she told me that she was planning to get a tattoo on her wrist! In fact, this is the main reason which triggered me to write this blog entry. The tattoo fad has prevailed among young people recently. Is it a good sign? It is no alien to see the young ones around you being inked on certain body parts, but why?


Let me ask you a question: who are youngsters’ main targets to imitate? They are, of course, celebrities. Young people nowadays often listen to foreign music or watch movies as an entertainment. That’s why they can easily be influenced by performers and singers like Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and so on. Are they also one of your favorite stars? They ALL have tattoos. As they are usually deemed to be role models by youngsters, the teens have a zeal to emulate their idols, showing their enthusiasm towards the ones they admire. Many young people follow suit and have themselves inked without considering the far-reaching impacts.


What’s more, teens are less conservative today. “Hey man, that’s extraordinarily cool!” That’s actually what most of them think when considering having a tattoo. Getting tattooed is also one of the stylish ways to express their deep-most feelings, for instance, pouring their love to their partners. Under peer pressure, many teens entice others to do the same. Thus the “fashion” spreads incredibly rapidly like flu and becomes a pandemic in society. Teenagers, being immature, are therefore more likely to make this life-long decision because of the impulsive thoughts.


Well, I must admit that I’m no supporter to the such a tide. There are, actually, some detrimental effects which many teens may easily put aside.


First and foremost, this act in fact hinders the teens’ opportunities of landing a serious occupation like teacher, lawyer and doctor in the future. Sounds too conservative, right? Yes indeed. It’s saddening yet true that most of the old generation hold onto negative stigma of having a tattoo. The seniors tend to consider having tattoos as a taboo. Back to the old days, tattoos were deemed to be symbols of gangsters. To ensure that the reputation of company won’t be tarnished, people with tattoos are seldom hired. Therefore, tattoo apparently affects one’s image in a negative way, thus hampering the teens’ future career paths.

You may be dumbfounded when knowing the following fact— people without certificates can also call themselves tattoo artists! It’s astonishing yet true. In Hong Kong, no regulations are put into practice for governing tattoo issues, which indicates that some of the masters are skills-sparse and lack qualified training. Reusing needles and not putting disinfected plastic over equipment may cause blood to be scattered. Clients are more prone to blood-borne diseases like HIV, tetanus or even Hepatitis B. A decision in a moment may jeopardize one’s health forever at a young age. Is it really worthwhile to put your life in risk?


It is difficult to judge whether it is a correct decision to have tattoos. Younger ones may view this as cool and fashionable. Anyway, I hope all teens, especially my sis, can really do some sort of soul-searching before having one as it’s a permanent and irreversible modification of the body!



Lau Nam Wing

6E  2015-16