Tattoos has been found more popular among young people recently. Why is it so? What are your views? Write a blog entry, with the title “Tattoo? Mmm…”.


Tattoo? Mmm…


Greetings, followers. Sorry for not keeping you guys updated. This time my focus is … Tattoo.


Getting inked is a new and popular trend among young people recently. Perhaps you are one of its die-hard fans. Well, it does not surprise me much that the attitudes of youngsters towards tattoos shift as many celebrities get a really cool skin design. From gorgeous Cara Delevingne to every girl’s crush, Justin Bieber (not mine though), almost every teen idol has a tattoo. And, of course, as the ones who worship them, we want to look exactly the same they are. Getting inked? No problem at all.


Maybe, some youngsters are not driven to the ink design just because of celebrity effects, yet with the influence of social media, such as Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr, many of them are getting inspired and amazed by the beauty of tattoos. The new and simple designs of the patterns are no doubt fascinating. Instead of thinking tattoos are for the gangs, many young people start to truly admire tattoos as aesthetically pleasing, artistic and eye-catching. They are also eager to learn the tattoo skills and dig the deep meaning.


Okay. You may feel a bit strange for me to use ‘they’ instead of ‘we’, right?  Simply I’m not the one who fancies this art much. To be honest, the problems that tattoos bring freak me out and make me stay away from the trend.


The most horrible, awful, disgusting part lies in the hygiene problem. As Hong Kong has no certification or regulation governing tattoos, anyone can buy a tattoo gun and call himself an expert applying the skills. They are actually ‘scratchers’ who lack training. Some may even have the tendency to reuse the needles. You may wonder, ‘No big deal.’ In fact, it is a very BIG deal as the reused needles could bring blood-borne diseases such as HIV and tetanus. This is definitely a nightmare. Are you willing to take the hygiene risk for a life-long mark on your body in a so-called ‘professional’ tattoo parlour? Oh. Definitely NOT ME, please.


If you’re now under 18 years old, don’t bother to worry about the hygiene problem now because you’re breaking the law for doing so. According to the current legislation, it’s prohibited to mark on a person under 18 even with the parents’ consent. Dying for a cool, futuristic and meaningful skin art? Be patient and wait till your 18th birthday. It’s never a smart move to disobey the law, not to mention the undesirable consequences tattoos can bring.


Let’s think about the toys we once begged our parents to buy for us. Where’re they now? See. Things we wanted so badly at a time may be forgotten after a while. The same theory applies on getting inked. Are you really sure you want a tattoo now and it’ll be your favourite forever? For me, it’s for sure, a ‘no’. I don’t really know whether I’ll still like the design after a while and I’m afraid that I may regret. Making it a mark on my body forever? Never an option for me.


No offense. It’s just my opinion. If you really want to have one? Go for it. Remember what I say all the time? YOLO. (You Only Live Once) Having a skin art may make me regret but not having one may also make you regret. Just don’t forget to inquire about the artists’ hygiene practices and equipment. Also, be very serious to think about your tattoos. Choosing one which is so meaningful to you will always be a safe choice. Think before you get INKED! If you’re the one who has the same view as I do but still want to have the glamour of tattoo, flash tattoos can’t go wrong.


That’s much I’d love to tell you guys. Comment below to have your say. I promise I’ll keep you guys updated. So far for now.



Fung Hiu Tung Ariaanne

6E  2015-16