Tattoos has been found more popular among young people recently. Why is it so? What are your views? Write a blog entry, with the title “Tattoo? Mmm…”.


Tattoo? Mmm…


Today, my BFF told me something shocking: she wants to get inked. My jaw nearly dropped after hearing her thought. “Come on! Tattoo’s been increasingly popular among teenagers and it’s become a new trend now.” That was why she wants to get a tattoo on her body, just to cling close to the tide.


Mmm… does having a tattoo mean you’re fashionable, or in other words, stylish? I don’t think so. Nowadays, teenagers in Hong Kong are less conservative and they’re willing to accept Western culture. Traditionally, people viewed tattoos as symbols representing the gangsters and social outcasts. Yet, more and more teenagers discard the old belief today, thinking that it’s a kind of art and there’s no reason to discriminate against those having tattoos. Obviously, there’s a shift in attitude towards tattoos among the young generation. Besides, being affected by the media and celebrities, it’s even more common to see young people getting inked.


With lots of reasons behind, the trend starts thriving and it seems to be unstoppable. But if I were them, I would definitely ask, ‘am I prepared to get inked?’


Having a tattoo is a life-long decision. In my opinion, it’s not good for teenagers to have it as they may not be mature enough to get one of them. Perhaps they’re obsessed with the art briefly. However, the sweeping judgement could tarnish their images, as well as affect their future careers. Although most Hongkongers uphold the value that we should treat everyone equally with no discrimination, there’re still stereotypes in society. For instance, schools and some top-notch companies won’t hire people with visable tattoos, which means teenagers may not land their dream jobs if the employers think negatively about tattoos. Also, confrontations may arise in a family. Many parents still keep the old mindset and can’t accept tattoos, don’t they? I’m quite sure that if I get inked suddenly one day, my parents will either scold me or go crazy.


What’s more, I cast doubts on the safety of getting inked. As we all know, there’re currently no certifications or regulations governing tattoos in Hong Kong, the hygiene standards in many tattoo parlours are poor and the artists may not be professional and experienced. They may reuse unclean equipment in order to lower the cost. So, if teenagers really want to have a try, they must take their own risks of getting diseases like tetanus and HIV, which may ruin their lives and lead them to death at worst. Mmm… it’s really horrible to imagine!

Oh yes, there’s one more important thing that shouldn’t be missed. It’s illicit for people under eighteen to get tattooed in Hong Kong! It tells clearly that youngsters shouldn’t get inked until they reach the suitable age; otherwise, they’re violating the law. They may have to bear the consequences. Is it worth a go?


With the downside of tattoos, I’d definitely not to have one. I think the government should enact laws to control the hygiene standard of tattoo parlours so as to combat those not up to par. Also, schools should teach students to make cautious decisions before their every act. I really hope that youngsters, including my beloved BFF, will think twice before they get inked!


Tina Fong Ying Tung

6E 2015-16