Treasure your time


Good morning principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates,


Time files.  My fellow schoolmates here are about to graduate.  As the saying goes, Time and tide wait for no man.  In no way will time halt for you, not even the richest and most powerful person in the world.  One, however wealthy he is, can’t wind back the clock. If we don’t manage our time appropriately, it’ll slip away.  Born with a silver spoon in their mouth, many of the people from better off families engage in debauchery at their peril.  During their life, they achieve nothing and live their lives only to seek sensual pleasure.  They’re but slaves to their senses, dedicating their time to pleasing themselves.  Most of them, when getting weaker and weaker on their deathbed, suddenly realize what they have done throughout their lives is nothing but something meaningless. Filled with remorse, they can do nothing but to come to terms with the passing of time. I hope that you can take the example as a cautionary tale to always remind yourselves to make good use of time.


The meaning of life, despite its transience, is independent of time.  However, in order to live our lives to the fullest, we have to make good use of time.  A flower sprouts in the morning, but dries up and withers in the afternoon. Yet, during its evanescent life span, it gives out aroma which attracts insects and is essential to the continuation of its species.  Are we not more intelligent than a flower?  If a flower can understand the importance of time and the repercussion of frittering time away, why can’t we?  We should strive in our lives to cherish every second, so as to make our lives fruitful.


Time is a builder and also a destroyer.  Have you seen a building collapse or a lined face of a woman due to the passing of time? Have you heard about scientists being awarded the Noble Prizes after decades of investigation or athletes breaking world record after years of strenuous and arduous training? To build or to destroy, it depends on your choiceTime is not biased against nor in favour of anything or anyone. Every single one of us can benefit or suffer from time. It’s what we do that determines what we will get from time.


Dwelling on the past or wild imagination about future will hinder our lives from going on. With the present time in our grasp, let’s live in the moment.


I sincerely hope that all of you here can make good use of time and achieve your goals.  Wish you all every success.