The ageing problem in Hong Kong


Hong Kong seems to have entered a season for ageing population. There has been a growing concern about the ways to cope with this intractable problem. In fact, the elderly, especially the retirees are in dire need of help.


Ageing population may provoke lots of problems. Take my grandfather as the example. Last year, he retired from his work at 60 years old. His lifestyle got a great change, from the harsh-and-rush one to the free but boring one.


My grandfather suffered from loneliness. He always stayed at home. He wanted the company of the family. However, the tight time schedule leaves us little time to talk to him, not to mention to keep him company.


Moreover, my grandfather was so pessimistic. After he retired, his sense of self-worth hit the rock bottom. He thought that he was useless and was not worth living. I’m just counting days left until death finally approaches.” he said.


Living a lonely life and having nothing to occupy him, my grandfather felt bored and depressed. Luckily, he changed one day! The elderly centre paid a visit to our estate. The company of three social workers and volunteers act like a magic portion to “save” my grandfather’s deteriorating situation. The volunteers came to our home and spent an afternoon chatting with my grandfather. He spoke out his unhappiness and worries. He felt more comfortable when he realized that somebody was listening to him. He got respect and care. Also, they were so kind that they invited my grandfather to their centre and join the activities there. Participating in different activities, for example, workshops and sports, he meets a lot of friends. They chat, eat and travel together. He does not feel lonely and is not alienated from the society now.


It is essential for the elderly to adopt a positive attitude towards life. The government takes an influential role towards the issue. Due to the ageing population, more recreational facilities are needed. The government should allocate more resources and embark on building community facilities. So the elderly can spend their leisure time outdoors and meeting new friends. The government can also allocate more pensions to the elderly center. The elderly center can then employ more professional social workers. There is a lack of social workers but they take a key role. Social workers can lend a helping hand to the elderly by giving advice to them and chatting with them.


Schools cannot turn a deaf ear to the aging population. Teachers should help establish correct values of caring about our elderly. For example, schools should encourage teens to spend time chatting with the elderly at home.


Teens should bear our responsibilities. All of us should treat them in discreet and respectful manner. The elderly have once contributed to their families. It is the time to repay them.


The elderly people are the roots of Hong Kong and our dear family members. Everyone stands a profound influence to this problem. Concerted efforts are needed to advert this situation.

blindly discriminate against them but be more tolerant and teach them the correct manner by demonstrating our own example. Only by these, the situation can be improved and society will be more harmonious.