Journey under Spotlight


Pursuing s dream is an uphill battle. In the process, it is never the matters of luck and aptitude, but the passion that leads you to bite the bullet and leap over the hurdles. For me, the seed of my dream is growing stronger and stronger day by day with no pause.


Why I joined the talent contest


Since my childhood, the resolution of being a singer started to take root in my heart. Although life is so packed up with homework and exams, I spent time practising singing every day. It was never an exhausting but inspiring training, because it was where my passion lay in. Time flies, there was finally a ray of hope coming to my life. Through the advertisement on TV, I discovered the Hong Kong Talent Contest 2013, and for sure, I joined it, the starting line of my dream-pursuing journey.


How my life has changed since I won the contest


A new page of my life has been turned and my singing career is taking off. This changed everything in my life. But what’s more important, I changed my view towards singing. I perceive that singing is more than singing, besides expressing one’s emotions, it inspires, teaches and touches lives. When I saw how the audiences were impressed by my voice during the contest, I was shocked. From that moment, I changed the way I sing. I sing for people but not only for myself. As singing is my everything and my life, my life was entirely lightened up and transformed.


My plans for the future


Star Music is absolutely the place I am going. The singers of the company are all passionate and dream pursuers like me. Without hesitation, I want to be one of them. And undoubtedly, to sing, to bring hope and happiness to people is my life-long career, and I will persist in doing the best of it.


Words to dream pursuers


Pursuing a dream is never a piece of cake. But in the process, you will find that the things you gain is always much more than the things you lose. If you want to have a change, do not wait for the opportunity anymore. Seize every opportunity you have. And now, it is high time to make yourself shine more than anyone else. Have faith and soar with your dream!