No, Never!


 I say 'No, Never!' to myself every time I think of giving up.  I am neither a lucky guy nor a clever guy.  Every time I want to do something, it just takes me a lot of time.  I think they are the examinations for my endurance and patience.  I need to think for a long time and I need to work on it for a long time, too.  That's really a pain for me undoubtedly.  And so when I am in difficulties, the idea of giving up always appears in my mind, and I just say 'No, Never!' to myself.  Then a battle between my laziness and insistence begins and normally my insistence wins! I am glad about that.
        Whenever I want to do something evil, I also say 'No,Never!' to myself. When I was a little girl, I loved lying to all the people around me, even my parents.  Therefore I was always condemned by my parents.  I thought it was dreadful of me to lie all the time, but I just simply could not control myself.  My mother once knew the vexation of mine.  She taught me that once I wanted to lie, I could tell myself 'No, Never!' for three times and imagine what the consequence would be. That really works for me, even now when I want to do evil things!
     I think the sentence of 'NO, Never!' is a brilliant thing for me since it is always a reminder.  It really helps me a lot in my life and I hope it will keep on reminding me when I need it. Let me tell you a secret.  When I was writing this essay, I wanted to give up or even not to hand in the homework but the reminder appeared again! I was pleased with it really.