No, Never!


When I was ten, I liked playing with toys very much.  One day, I went shopping with my mother.  I saw a very beautiful doll in a shop. 
'Mum, can you buy that doll for me?' I asked.
'You’ve already bought many toys. I won’t buy toys for you anymore,' answered mum.  I was disappointed.  Then I went home with mum sadly.
The next day after school, I walked along the street and saw the shop.  I found the doll which I saw the day before.  I wanted to buy it but I had no money.  When I went home, I asked my mum again.  'Mum, can I buy the doll that I saw yesterday?  I really like it very much.'
'I will not buy it, don't ask me again!' replied mum. I could see that she was very angry. Therefore I went back to my room and did not disturb her.
After a week, I had not forgotten the doll.  I thought about it every day.  I couldn't concentrate on studying.  That day, I decided to buy it by myself and not to tell mum.
The bell rang. I ran out of the school and went to that shop. When I found the lovely doll, I took out my wallet.  'Oh! I only have fifty dollars but the doll costs one hundred dollars!' I thought.  Suddenly, I had an idea.  That was to steal the doll. Although I knew stealing things was wrong, I tried to steal the doll.
I put the doll inside my schoolbag secretly.  Then I quickly ran out of the shop. Unluckily, the burglar alarm sounded and the people of the shop caught me.  I felt afraid, so I cried loudly.  The people asked me why I stole the doll and how old I was. When they knew that I was ten, they gave me a chance and forgave me.  I thanked them and went back home soon.
    After this happened, I understand that stealing things is very serious.  I promise myself that I will never steal things again.  I should be a responsible person and not do things against the law.