No, Never


I like playing computer games.  I don't like studying very much.  I don't always listen to my parents. But … NO!  I never try or do one thing.  This is smoking!
   I never like people smoking. I never like smoking.  I don't like it not only because of its smelly and stinking smell, but also because there are a lot of harmful substances like nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide inside the cigarettes.  In addition, the main cause of the dirty and turbid air in Hong Kong is also the smoke from people.  Smoking is totally bad for us since it can cause many different heart diseases and pulmonary diseases in our body.
   Nonetheless, I do not know why many people like smoking everywhere.  I bet they are addicted to it since no one should like the bad smell of cigarettes.
   I even will not use OK to describe smoking.  I really HATE it! When I see anyone smoke on the street, I will not stare at him or her as this action is wasting my time.  Instead, I will walk away quickly.  Therefore, I promise that I don't want and I will not be a smoker whom every person hates.
  I want the air in Hong Kong to become cleaner and fresher actually.  So, I hope that people can smoke less or even quit this bad habit.  When they are offered a cigarette, they can say "No, Never!" like me!