Letter to Principal


Dear Ms Lam,
This week is an unhappy week for 7C.  Two of our classmates were expelled due to a fighting at an inter-class sporting event.  I know that you must have struggled when making this decision.  However, I am afraid that you do not understand the whole situation well.  As a witness of the incident I am writing to explain to you how the fight arose and I hope you would change your decision, let the two classmates stay.
Last Tuesday, an inter-class basketball competition for boys was held between 7B and 7C.  Both classes took this event seriously.  During the competition, there were already some collisions between players.  The atmosphere was very intense.  At last, 7B defeated 7C with a score 47 to 43.  All 7C team members were in a sad mood.  At this time, some of the opponents said something insulting to the 7C players.  Something like ‘You are always a loser’ and ‘Rubbish can never improve’.  These remarks really hurt the players’ dignity.  Although the 7C players tried to keep themselves calm, it was hard to withstand such hostility.  Losing their temper, two of our players, Peter and John, gave a slight push on the captain of the 7B team.  This led to a dispute, which deteriorated into an outbreak of fighting.
The two players who started the quarrel were expelled.  True, the two players were reckless and did something wrong.  However, I am afraid that this punishment is a bit too harsh for them.  In this event, actually, not only Peter and John made mistakes.  They were irritated by their opponents.  Due to the opponents’ mean words, they felt humiliated, were outraged and therefore lost their control.  I understand that no matter what, beating others is not correct.  But I also understand that it is difficult for them to withstand such provocative words.  Their actions are understandable.  On the other hand, both Peter and John are going to sit for the HKALE.  Being able to stay in Form 7 is very important for them now.  If they are expelled, we are indirectly damaging their future!  Peter and John have been studying for seven years in our school.  Both of them have been student leaders and served our schoolmates.  They are self-disciplined and well-behaved in normal circumstances.  Although this time they went astray, we should really give them a chance to correct.
Apart from expelling the students, there are some alternative means of punishment.  One is banning them from playing basketball for a period of time.  This can really give them a chance to reflect upon themselves.  During this period of time, they can’t play basketball but they can only watch others play.  Through this, I am sure they can learn the true spirit of sport.  Another alternative is to ask them to do voluntary work regularly.   Doing voluntary work can help them develop a peaceful character and will also allow them to rethink their behaviour.  These are definitely meaningful punishments.
Indeed, students can learn a lesson from this incident.  Firstly, they can learn to respect sportsmanship.  Secondly, they can understand that quarrels and fights cannot solve problems.  Thirdly, they can learn how to control their emotions even when they are provoked by others.
This experience gives Peter and John a lesson.  I am sure that they regret.  If they encounter similar situations again, they can handle it in a mature way.  Ms Lam, please give them a chance to correct.  Please take back the decision of expelling them.  For the last year, I hope 7C students can study together without missing anyone.  I really hope you can consider my appeal.

Yours sincerely,
Chris Wong