A debate speech


Good morning, ladies and gentlemen,


Today’s motion is “Country parks should be turned into sites for housing in Hong Kong.” The opening speaker of the affirmative side has clearly explained that country parks are areas with high population of green plants. And it is very important to Hong Kong not only because it protects the natural environment, but also provides a leisure area for Hong Kongers.


The opening speaker of the affirmative side states that not all land in Hong Kong can be developed into residential areas because about 60% of Hong Kong total area is dominated by hills and mountains. But actually there are many vacant pieces of land and buildings in the New Territories and industrial areas, for instance, houses in Tai Po. If these areas could be renewed or reconstructed, new residential areas could be introduced.


Apart from inefficient use of land, once the natural environment has been destroyed, it takes a long time to recover. Our first speaker will talk about how hard it would be for people to reconstruct the “natural” environment and the effects on the atmosphere of Hong Kong if a huge area of country parks have been removed for residential use.


Country parks contribute to our well being free of charge. They are great natural resources for all and should not be deleted permanently for the one-off gains for a select few, such as solving the housing problem and earning more money by constructing new buildings.


Meanwhile, country parks in Hong Kong are a good place for Hong Kongers to visit during leisure time. Particularly for low income families, making a living in the city is suffocating, debilitating and hardly bearable. But our spacious country parks welcome all irrespective of means. In the country parks, everyone can relax; breathe in nature’s fragrances; hike in the midst of beautiful landscapes; see plants, birds, butterflies and bugs, all the while nourishing the seeds of happiness in our hearts. Nowadays, Hong Kongers face tons of difficulties and huge pressure every day. By visiting country parks, they grasp a chance to escape from those pressures and difficulties. After visiting the country parks, people can get recharged, so they can head back to work for another productive time. As a result, country parks serve us well as Hong Kong’s eternal spring of energy and happiness.


Moreover, using the country parks for residential area may not be efficient, as most of the country parks are located in the New Territories. A huge amount of resources are needed for developing a flawless transport system for the new residential area. My second speaker would further elaborate on this point.


To conclude, country parks in Hong Kong should not be reconstructed into residential areas. Not only do country parks play an important role in the natural environment, but also plays an important role in the heart of Hong Kongers. Therefore, today’s motion should full. Thank you.