A speech on time to the graduates


Goodmorning fellow schoolmates,


I’m happy to see you all here.This is the last time I stand on the stage and speak to you like this.Well,my feeling is complicated right now.First of all,congratulations to all of you!You are going to step to a new stage of your life journey.Some of you may go to other countries,some may start struggling in societyeveryone will walk on his own path.No matter which way you are going to pass through,you have to make friends with Time.


Time is powerful. It has unbelievable power that you might have never thought about.Time can tear down buildings or destroy women’s faces.Time passes and damages occur in the meanwhile,which may never be repaired.All of us will meet different people in our life.How to operate our relationships with those people is a significant issue,the way we manage the relationshipswill probably affect our opportunities and future.Relationship is like a woman’s face, after the baptism of time,the wreck cannot be recovered easily or even never.We should handle our relationships with others carefully.Time won’t go back and the damages it brings may last a lifetime.We should use our time well.


‘An interval of time is worth an ounce of gold.’This is a proverb and I’m sure that you have heard of this since studying in primary school.Undoubtedly,gold is a precious thing that many people want,but common people agree that time is more precious. It’s because we may use diamonds,money to exchange gold,but you can use nothing to buy an interval of time.Everyone has twenty-four hours a day,we can do nothing to get even one more second.What achievement we will have in the future is determined by how we use those thousands of 24-hours.That is how we manage our time.


Time is haughty,it only loves itself. It doesn’t favour anyone.It has its own life style,its own speed,it never waits for anyone.We should catch it up by ourselves but not wait for it to stop.You will never succeed if you keep on lagging behind the time.


Time will slip away when you are thoughtless.Make good use of time is the key to making accomplishment.


Dear schoolmates,I hope that we can treasure our time in the days ahead.Bless you all!