YUI realized her dream


YUI, who recently held a concert at Budoukan, a place where only famous singers can hold a concert, is a new star in Japan.  She is a young girl of just 20 years old, but already she has realized her dream.
 Everything started when she was in her high school.  During that time, she had many chances to see performances by street musicians.  She realized that she wanted to be a singer.  Then, she asked the street musicians where she could study music.  The musicians pointed her the way – Voice, a school which teaches music.
 Between studying at high school and going to Voice, YUI had to make a crucial choice.  Finally, she chose to study music.  She learned to play the guitar and write songs.  She performed on the street just like other street musicians.
 When YUI was sixteen, she won the SONY singing competition and signed a singing contract with SONY.  The adjudicators highly appreciated her guitar playing and singing.  She was the best of the thousands of contestants.
 In 2006, the film ‘The Song of the Sun’ helped boost YUI’s popularity.  The character which YUI played, Amane Kaoru, is just the same as YUI in personality.  The theme song ‘Goodbye Days’ was also a great hit in the music chart.
 The sales of YUI’s latest single ‘Love & Truth’ exceeded a hundred thousand and the recent concert at Budoukan shows her position in the popular music world in Japan.
 I am greatly inspired by YUI.  From the path she has gone through, I see that everyone can realize their dream if they seek it desperately.  In merely 4 years’ time, YUI changed from a high school student to a famous singer.  She really can build her career upon her interest.  If she can, so can I.  I am also a music lover.  YUI’s success lets me know that I can also succeed in my life.  I presently work hard on my guitar and Japanese as I want to be a singer in Japan.
 YUI’s style also attracts me.  She never attracts people by dressing sexily.  She simply wears T-shirts and blue jeans.  She really is a singer who appeals to people by singing.  In this world, appearance seems to be the most important consideration.  Nevertheless, YUI is a real example of inner beauty.  In the beginning, I did not pay much attention to YUI.  But later, when I knew more about her, I found out she is indeed very cute and lovely.  Appearance only plays a small part.  Her child-like soul is the core.
 Finally, YUI teaches me not to give up.  At first, YUI was not that famous.  Once, she performed in a music festival and only a few people came and watched.  At that moment, YUI also had doubt about herself.  Nonetheless, she continued to work hard and finally she made it.
 To me, YUI is more than a singer.  She does not only write new songs, but also gives me encouragement and hope.