Is it better to be an only child or to have siblings?


Dear Editor,
 I am writing to express my opinions on whether it is better to be an only child than one with siblings.  While many of us may love to be an only child, I think that having siblings is much better.
 We can always have a person to play with and talk with if we have siblings.  If we have siblings, such as brothers, we can always keep them company.  Just take me as an example.  I have a little sister who has a good relationship with me.  We can always play chess or computer games together, and we always share about what we face at school.  Having siblings can really make our life at home more interesting.  In fact, nowadays, siblings become even more important to us.  As many parents need to go to work until very late, they will not have any time to chat or play with their children.  If we are an only child, what we can face at home is only the domestic helpers.  This will make us extremely bored.  It is really good to have brothers and sisters then.
 Some may argue that there are always quarrels if we have siblings.  Although this may be true, this is good for us.  In fact, we can always learn to communicate with others if we have siblings.  We can even learn how to socialize with others if we have siblings.  Sometimes, I row with my sister.  I will reflect and apologize to her.  We will make up finally.  That is how we can learn to socialize with others.  However, if we are an only child, we will easily become self-centred, as we have not learnt how to deal with others.  We will become too proud of ourselves, and be hated by others.  I know many people who are the only child in their family.  They are arrogant and really annoying.
 Some may also argue that parents will compare us with our brothers and sisters, making us unhappy.  That is not true.  Competitions make improvement.  If parents compare us with our siblings, we will try to improve ourselves and work better.  However, if we are an only child, we will have much less incentive to improve, and become much lazier.
 All in all, having siblings is better than being an only child, as we can keep each other company and learn social skills.

           Yours faithfully
           Chris Wong