Can I?


It’s really a problem, a big problem that can’t be solved.  My stomach feels like having a roller coaster trip for ten times.  It rolls up and down, and everything inside my body wants to escape from my stomach and bladder.  The big problem is that I am totally helpless.  I’m sitting in an exam hall having my HKCEE English writing.
 HKCEE is so important to me, and I am not good at English at all.  I work extremely hard to prepare for the exam, reading lots of essays and doing lots of exercises.  I am as worried as a bird hearing a gunshot.
 Then comes the exam.  I wait nervously in the hall, trying to calm down and pray to God.
 “You can start now.”  I look at the question paper.  “I’m really lucky.  I’ve practised a similar topic before!”  I am relieved and feel confident because of this.  Half an hour passes.  I’ve been making good progress.
 However, while I am working hard on my paper, my stomach is working as hard.  It starts churning and scaring my ideas away!  Can I just leave this semi-finished essay and go to the toilet?  No!  I work so hard to prepare for this exam and go away now?  No!  I try to change my posture to relieve the pain of the annoying stomach but it makes no difference.  I can just be a little bird in a hunter’s hands.  All I can do is nothing!
 My naughty stomach keeps churning and I keep on trying to stop it, sometimes slouching on the desk, sometimes sitting straight up.  I try every possible action but I lose the battle.  I hope the exam ends but it doesn’t.
 There is only 5 minutes left, but this is the longest 5 minutes in my life.  “Pens down.”  Oh, it ends eventually and I am still trying to relax my stomach.  I just need to wait for the teacher to collect my paper but she looks like a turtle with a limp crawling towards my seat.
 “Can I be excused?  Can I be excused?”  I murmur and hope her legs get well.  She comes and gets my paper at last.  I rush away from the exam hall and have my necessary trip to the toilet.
 I wish I had prayed more before my examination.