Rich are those who feel rich in the heart


I still remember this girl who looked ordinary, but was beautiful in her heart.  She was around ten years old and lived in a village in Guang Xi, China.  Our encounter was unforgettable because her smile taught me a lot.
 Two years ago, I went on a trip called ‘Offtrek’ to a village in Guang Xi to help the poor students there.  We visited the beneficiaries’ homes.  I got to know a girl called Lok Mok Ying.  She had dark long hair, which she wore in a pony tail.  She also had a pair of dark eyes and tanned skin.  Although she was not tall, she was very fit.  Her casual clothes looked a bit old and dirty, but she wore a smile on her face.
 When I first saw her, I was not attracted by her since she was quiet.  Nevertheless, when I chatted with her, I found that she was nice and friendly.  When we talked more and I understood her more, I found that she was not only nice and friendly, but also very optimistic and tough.
 Being the eldest sister in the family and with her mother leaving her to work in another province for livelihood, Lok had to be a little mother to take care of her brothers and sisters and do all kinds of chores, including cooking, farming and washing.  Also, she was hardworking and she got many awards in the school.  Although she grew up in a poor family and had suffered a lot, she was tough and there was neither moans and groans nor tears in her eyes.  She loved studying and she just worked hard for her dream even though she got a heavy burden from her family and she would have to overcome many obstacles in the future.
 I looked into her dark eyes and I felt ashamed of myself.  She was younger than me, but it seemed that she was more mature than me.  Her hands were small and skinny, but as powerful as her mother’s.  What touched me most was her simple but powerful act – a smile.  Her smile was special because it was warm and it had changed me a lot.
 Her smile let me know that even if I would have to struggle in my life and deal with a lot of difficulties, I could always smile and overcome all problems positively.  She was poor, but she was rich in her heart.
 I walked with her and held her hands.  I felt fortunate and I was glad to have met her in my life.