Can I?


Time is always flowing quietly at ‘different’ speeds.  It can be as fast as rapids when you are busy or enjoying the fun of life, but also, it can be as slow as a snail crawling in the soil when you are bored or facing some difficulties.
 When I was a child, I always wanted to grow up and to be maturer.  It was not that I didn’t enjoy my life, but I wanted to explore more the world, a lovely world which seemed to be full of joy and fun.  At that time, I often dreamt of what I would be in the future.  Being grown-up seemed to be a long way to go and I just wondered, “Can I keep my innocent eyes in the future?”
 Now, I’ve grown up and I’m a teenager instead of a child.  I’ve experienced a lot of happiness and sadness and understood more about the world, a world that can be very evil and wonderful at the same time.
 Time is still flowing with sunrise and sunset, but it is always running like a horse without any considerations of one’s thoughts and feelings.  Being grown-up is not a long way for me anymore, but I’ve already changed my mind – I don’t want to grow up to face this complicated world.  But, can I not?
 Or can I still keep a child’s heart, as pure as a piece of white paper and change the world a bit – just to make it more simple, like a child’s thought?  Yes, I do love the world and life, even though there are endless battles, fights, cries, complaints and sufferings around the world, because the world, which belongs to you and me, is still lovely.  There is still love from people who care for others, help the needy and cheer the miserable souls up.
 I wish to be a shining star, which can brighten people’s life, and I wish to smile sweetly with a hopeful mind always as long as I’m alive.  Can I?