A Personal Letter on Reality TV


Dear Pat,
 How are you?  Have you started your revision plan yet?  I know that you want to take part in a local reality TV programme.  Are you sure it’s a good idea?
 If I were you, I would not take part in it.  I understand that it’s so much fun.  Hopefully, you may even win a prize.  But I guess it’s still not worthwhile.
 Attending those reality TV programmes is dangerous.  Sometimes, you’ll probably be required to do some dangerous moves.  I watched a reality TV show ‘Survivor’ last night.  In the programme, the contestants needed to find food themselves in a forest.  There might be some wild animals!  You may get hurt!  Your parents and friends, including me, are worried about you if you are in the competition.
 Surely, you’ll be either famous or notorious after the programme has been shown to the public but both of them are bad.  Imagine, if you’re too famous, you’ll lose your freedom and secrets.  Some ‘reporters’ will follow you and capture all you do.  Very often, in order to boost their sales, they will make up some stories about you.  You’ll be in trouble.  If I could choose for you, I would prefer a normal life.  The problem is that the producers can mould your character by modifying the clips.  Worse still, if you’re depicted as a villain in the show, you’ll be criticized by public severely.
 The show would not only ruin your reputation and dignity and endanger your life, there also comes the question of whether it is necessary to take part in this TV programme.  As a student, our responsibility is to focus on our schoolwork, not to be in the spotlight.  You’ve been doing excellently at school.  If you go to the reality show, it may adversely affect your academic results, and more seriously, your future.  The reality show may take you half a year to finish.  Then, how about your graduation, your university application?  Being a doctor is always your dream.  I encourage you to make your dream come true.  Playing, competing in the reality TV programme is not really what you want to do.
 Honestly speaking, I don’t think that taking part in this TV programme is a good thing indeed.  I believe you can make a wise choice yourself, for you and your future.  Treasure your time.  Reply to me as soon as possible.

                Best regards