Can I keep a young heart forever?


Although it is really a sad truth, I must concede that I am growing up every day, every moment.  Just like most of the people, I do not want to grow up and I only want to be a child forever.  But I know it is impossible: I must grow up.  So I just change my target: to keep a young heart forever.
 “Nobody grows old merely by a number of years.  We grow old by deserting our ideals.”  This is true.  Time may wrinkle our physical appearance, our body may become weaker and weaker, but our heart can always be young.  Youth is not only a stage of life, but also a state of mind.  In our society, we can find ‘old’ teenagers easily.  They just see their life as TV games.  They give up easily, they desert their ideal easily, and some even choose to end their lives.  What a pity!  To avoid being one of them, we must have a young heart.
 Life is a big adventure.  Only people who believe that failure means the beginning can remain young.  Life is a storybook.  Only people who enjoy reading it and look forward to what’s next can remain young.
 To me, life is really exciting and I cannot wait to see what is going to happen.  So, I believe I can keep a young heart forever.  It is not difficult at all!  What we need to do is to be happy and keep our childlike appetite as long as possible.
 Can I keep a young heart forever?  Of course yes.  How about you?