What would my life be like without TV?


Have you ever stopped doing something that you used to do every day?  Yes, I have!  Because of the awful but important HKCEE, I decided to stop watching TV for ONE WHOLE MONTH!  Don’t you want to know how my life was during this month?
 Just after I promised my mom to stop watching TV for a month, I regretted.  I was used to watching TV for at least 3 hours every day, so I totally couldn’t imagine how I could survive, without my dearest music programmes, variety shows, soap operas and so on.  This difficult situation lasted for almost two weeks.  Yes, it helped me concentrate better when studying, since I always studied with the TV on in the past.  Nevertheless, when I wanted to take a break after gluing my bottom to the chair for hours, I didn't know what to do except watching TV.  I thought I was so stupid to make such a decision on impulse at that time.
 One day, after I buried myself from head to toe in textbooks, an evil-like motivation encouraged me to approach the television and secretly turn it on.  I couldn’t tolerate any more so I moved slowly and quietly towards my ‘old friend’.  However, I couldn’t turn it on even though I exerted so much force on the ‘ON’ button with my finger.  I then found a small memo stuck on the side of the TV.  It said, ‘Control yourself, my dear.  Study hard and try your best.  If you really want to take a rest, go for a walk, have a nap, or even take a shower, which makes you fresher.  Remember not to break the promise!  Love, mom.’
 Mom locked the TV so that I couldn’t turn it on unless with her special remote control.  In spite of this, I didn’t get angry with her.  Instead, I thanked her wholeheartedly.  I knew that what she did was for my own good.  Although she seemed not to care about my study sometimes, she was truly supporting me indeed.  After reading the touching memo, I said goodbye to my old friend and went back to my room and continued to study.
 Since then, I studied harder and harder and didn't even stay near the TV.  When I was very tired, I listened to what mom had said.  I sometimes took a shower or a nap.  All these helped me refresh my mind.  One month has passed already.  I didn’t break the invaluable promise, as I knew that it was not an ordinary promise between mother and me, but a treasure consisting of love and support.