TV Programmes for Teens


I would like to suggest the following kinds of programmes for Teen TV:

1. News and current affairs on education
 The Hong Kong education system has been changing in recent years.  It is necessary for teenagers to gain more up-to-date information about education.  This programme could talk about the new syllabuses of different subjects or the new grading systems of HKCEE Chinese and English.  Teachers and students could be invited to the programme and share experiences with audience.  Teenagers who are concerned about their studies would be interested in this programme.

2. Quiz show
 A quiz show would benefit teenagers in terms of enhancing their knowledge, such as on social affairs and from their own studies.  Different schools could send a team to compete with students from other schools.  The participants could enjoy the game and learn new things during the show.  The audience could learn and revise while watching the show.  In short, a quiz show involves education and entertainment at the same time.

3.  Music programme
 The third programme I would like to suggest is a music programme for teens.  The programme could include pop singers’ performances, music quizzes and mini concerts.  Teenagers could be involved not only by watching the programme, but also performing in the show.  They could play different musical instruments, sing, or even perform a band show.  Teenagers could enjoy the show and take a break from the busy everyday work and examinations.