Talkback: Would you adopt the Compact lifestyle?


I am writing in response to the article on 18 September 2007 entitled ‘Green Days’.
 My mum has always taught me to be prudent since I was a child, so I seldom waste food or buy things that are not worth buying.  For me, maintaining a frugal lifestyle is not a difficult task at all.  I am confident about adopting the Compact lifestyle.
 I am a typical girl who loves shopping.  But most of the time I would just window-shop unless I have got target goods beforehand.  I enjoy strolling in shopping malls and gazing at those wonderful commodities silently.  I prefer this kind of shopping rather than purchasing everything I love, especially those that are beautiful but expensive and without any actual use.
 The news article mentioned saving a gorilla when one decided not to buy a new phone.  If this were the case, I would have saved four gorillas and soon I would save the fifth one.  I once felt quite self-conscious about using such an outdated mobile phone while the people around me are having the latest models.  But soon I realized that there is no big deal.  Rather, I think it is not cool, but wasteful to buy the same type of new goods while the old ones are still fine.  I cannot find any reasons supporting this behaviour indeed.
 Undoubtedly, there are far more examples that people spend money like water.  I do not mean we cannot spend on our daily needs.  Instead, we should think twice and use money in a cleverer and more economical way, which can help us to progress towards a Compact life.