A Proposal for an English Day Camp


Dear Principal,
 As our school plans to organize an English Language Day Camp in the Christmas holidays, I am writing to give suggestions and opinions.
 100 Primary 4 pupils from a neighbouring primary school will come to this day camp.  To encourage them to learn and use English, we could organize three activities.
 The first activity could be a treasure hunt.  When the pupils first come to our school, we could bring them into the hall and teach them some words.  For example, we could hold up some fruit and ask them for the names of the fruit.  We could do the same with stationery, toys and a lot of other items.  After the pupils have learned and remembered the words and their meanings, they would be divided into twenty groups and each group would be accompanied by a student from our school.  This student would be their advisor.  The groups need to find the objects on the cards from the school campus.  When they are looking for the articles, they must speak in English.  Whenever they speak Cantonese, the advisor would take away one of the cards.  The pupils would then have a smaller chance to win.  When they have problems in finding the items, they could ask the advisor some simple questions for help.  Finally, the group which is the fastest and finds the most objects mentioned on the cards wins the game.  The pupils could learn and use much English in this first activity.
 The second event could be ‘Hangman’.  The pupils would be divided into ten groups.  They would be asked words about Christmas and other festivals such as Easter and Chinese New Year.  Besides spelling, they need to pronounce and explain the word meanings.  We could also ask them to make sentences using the words.  They would have fun and learn more useful expressions in English.
 The last event could be a quiz.  The pupils need to answer questions in English.  They would be divided into four groups.  We could ask them questions about sentence structures, phrases and some other information about English.  There could be two rounds.  In the first round, each group answers a set of questions.  In the second round, the group that raises their hands fastest answers questions.  The group with the most scores would be the winner.
 All three activities would provide a language rich, pressure free and enjoyable environment for the primary pupils to learn and use English.  Prizes would also be given to the winning teams in all these events.  I strongly believe that students from our school and the primary pupils would learn a lot more about English and have enough chances to use English.
 I hope you can kindly take my suggestions into consideration.
            Yours sincerely
           Chris Wong
           Chris Wong
           Secretary of Student Council