Can I?


The air is dead at this moment, and I feel really miserable.  It’s now 1 a.m.  I don’t want to describe how sleepy I am.  I am staring at my homework.  “Oh, it can be done before two, but there is English homework to be finished too,” I talk to myself.  If there were 30 hours a day, the world would be much more beautiful than now.  It’s only 17 September today.  What will happen in October, and November?  And what will I be like at the mock exam?  Can I give up my study?
 “What do you want to be?”  My kindergarten asked me. 
“I want to be a pilot!”  I shouted it out.  “I will go to Oxford University or Cambridge!”
“Then you need to study hard, little boy,” my teacher said.
Now, can I be a pilot?  No, I’m shortsighted.  So what do I want to be now?  Probably a businessman.  I love allocating limited resources to satisfy unlimited wants.  Can I do that?
“Hey students!  Do you know the most famous Economics school?  It’s the London School of Economics,” Mr. Lau said.
“I want to go there, and study Economics, the human behaviour.” I thought.
Now, can I?  I feel really tired now.  I can’t even have time for my revision, but a bunch of homework instead.  Can I get a good result in CE?  I am afraid.
I am exhausted.  But for my dream, I will not give up my study.  I will try my really best to do the CE.  So, I continue my work.  It can be done before two.