Yes, I can!


“Can you prepare a birthday party for mother and make it a show on TV?”  My sister asked.
 “Yes, I can!”  I answered.
 Mother is always a TV lover.  She has fallen in love with two hit shows – Minutes to Fame and Pankun and James.  Because of this, I joined a live TV show Surprise of Your Life to plan an extraordinary birthday for her.
 Mother won a ticket from a TV magazine to be audience in Minutes to Fame.  Grasping this golden chance, I got the help of the presenter of Surprise of Your Life to learn magic and invite Pankun and James to pay a visit to Hong Kong.  I realized that being a magician was not a piece of cake!
 Last Sunday was the day mother could never forget!  She went to the TV studio of Minutes to Fame with excitement.  Being an audience, she didn’t know she was filmed.  After the first competitors had performed, I went on to the stage, dressed as a magician, and wearing a mask.  While singing, I played the hat trick.  I gave 100 per cent and the audience paid undivided attention to my performance.
 I put a handkerchief into the magic hat.  “Hocus pocus…”  I murmured.  No sooner had I chanted the line than Pankun and James jumped out of the hat.  Believe it or not, I really did it!  Two cute animals walked in front of mother.  Pankun and James took a birthday cake from their big blue bag.  Smart Pankun kissed mum.  Unexpectedly, all audience sang the birthday song following the smooth rhythm Pankun hummed.
 Finally, mum gave me and sister a big hug.  “I was surprised,” mum said happily when being interviewed.  I think she must be eager for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of being shown on TV.  She said that if she knew she was filmed, she would have worn make-up!  I look forward to the day the show is on!