Imaginative writing


First but not last day with Leslie

It’s now year2100 and the scientists have discovered the marvellous technology for human to have time travel. But they are still in experiment stage. ABDD magazine has cooperated with the scientists to make a trial test of the technology. I have won a prize and I can spend a day with my favorite pop star on the time travel machine. Although it may be dangerous, my thought is full of exciting events that I may experience.

‘Wish you a good luck. You have 24 hours only.’ A scientist closes the machine’s door.’

‘Hey! You haven’t told me how to use it.’ I shout but I see a calendar that is automatically changing the date. Before I can take a look, the machine seems to be spinning. Then I faint.

When I wake up, I see the calendar reads ‘2003.4.1’. I go out of the machine and find that it has switched into pocket size and I can put it in my pocket.

I find that I am in a studio. Oh my god, I can see Leslie Cheung singing and there is nobody else. He is shocked that I am behind him. He is so pallid and he isn’t like the same person I have seen in the ‘Celebrity Museum’. He is so charming, confident and star like from his bone in my memory.

‘Who are you?’ He asks and I am going to tell him the truth. He keeps tittering when I tell him all the things. ‘I haven’t been laughing for a long time.’ Of cause, he doesn’t believe me. Today is April’s Fool Day. ‘Okay, miss future, what do you want?’ As we are in the studio, we start singing one of his classic songs, ‘Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks Monica…’ We plunge into the passionate music and continue with other songs. My throat dries up and I find that he is crying. He is so depressed in these few years and he needs sleeping pills every night. Words at this time seem useless.

He brings me to Lamma Island and tells me that he spent his childhood there. We walk along a footpath and arrive at a shabby house. It is his old home and no one lives there. I push open the old style door and it cracks. The house is full of dust. ‘It’s my first time I came back here. I move away when I was 15 years old.’ He develops his career for singing and acting since then. ‘Can you help me to clean the house?’ I don’t want to waste time on such silly things but I still say yes. No one lives there after Leslie’s family have moved away. When I wipe the cupboard, there is a box. Leslie opens it, it’s all photos. He screams, ‘I have been looking for these photos for a million years! I can’t believe they are still here!’ They are all family photos. He allows his story to pour out. We stop cleaning and ramble by the seaside.

While walking, we keep silent and look at the horizons far away. He is a sensitive man. When he realizes that the air is so tense, he suggests we eat something. Although his voice is calm, I read sadness from his eyes.

We go to hotel in Central and eat dessert there. The sky has turned dark blue. Suddenly, he stands up from the chair, ‘I don’t know why that I feel I can trust you. Thanks so much that you have spent the day with me today, my friend.’ He says and walks into a lift.

Abruptly, all the information mixes up, 2003, April’s Fool Day, Central, Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Today is the day he dies… I want to stop him! My heart beats at a irregular rhythm and I run to the highest floor and there he is.

‘Don’t jump!’ But it’s too late, he vanishes from the dark.

My brain is blank at the moment, my foot is feeble and I suddenly find myself falling too. ‘Ah!!!!!’ I catch someone’s hand when I am falling. Something comes out of my pocket and I grab it and press a button. I faint again.

When I wake up, all scientists are smiling at me. I know the journey of time traveling is successful but I can’t stop crying. Leslie dies in front of me. I should have known that people can’t change history.

‘Hey!’ A familiar voice flows in my ears. I am totally shocked as Leslie is standing next to me!

‘You have done a great job! You have helped me to discover that our technology can even bring people in the past to future!’ A scientist says.

I give Leslie a big hug and I don’t care of the result of changing history. Everything is possible but it just depends on how strong you will is. Maybe I can stay with my favorite singer Leslie for the rest of my life. People should not give up themselves so easily.

It’s really an unbelievable and fabulous experience.