Encouraging Aunt


In the whole family, I love my aunt most. My aunt, Ann, is a tall and thin woman with long hair. I was afraid being with her when i was still a child because she looked very serious.

She is a very optimistic person. Although she looks serious, she is very funny and always makes the whole family laugh and she can comfort others very well when they are sad. Her son passed away in a car accident when he was only five. Surely she cried for a long time but she did not show how sad she was when she was being with us, instead, she comforted us and said that he must be living happily in the heaven. Whenever she faces difficulties, she can solve them in a positive way. Living with her for about three years, I learn that I cannot be that pessimistic.

Everything has two sides and if we think in a good way, we can solve the problems more easily.

My aunt was born in a poor family with three siblings. She could only finish her at primary six. But she did not stop there. She is now working as a manager in a travel agency. She studied by reading books and learn English by herself .She can now speak fluent English. She also needed to work for the family when she was young. She could only study at night, but still she worked very hard and read a pile of books every day. Although she does not have a high salary job, she can support her own livelihood. We can see that she works very hard for her life despite all the obstacles. She always encourages me to try my best and not give up easily. After I listen to her story and advice, I have changed my attitude and now I try to solve problems by myself.

She really inspired me a lot. She is a tough woman and has become my idol.

'Just be tough and think positive always, you will be fine!' Aunt said.