You Reap What You Sow


I was in the hospital when I told the police my story. Looking at my bruised face and arms, I swore to myself that I would not enter the horrible place anymore.

Last weekend, I went to Mongkok to buy pirated VCDs. I entered a mall from a small entrance. As I didn’t want anyone to notice or recognize me, I kept my head down while walking. Then, at an unexpected moment, I bumped into two girls in front by accident. Our bags were knocked onto the floor.

‘I’m really sorry,’ I apologized immediately and helped the two girls pick their bags up.

The two teenagers stared at me in quite an unfriendly way for a second. Then they walked away.

I continued browsing in the shops. In order to buy the VCDs in the lowest prices, I had to search in every shop. At last I found the cheapest ones in a tiny illegal record shop. When I took the VCD samples to pay, a surprising thing happened. I took out a wallet which was not mine from my bag! It was a pink one and I tittered to the shop assistants. ‘It must be the girl’s wallet!’ I thought. They looked at each other strangely and whispered to themselves. I took out my own wallet to pay for the discs.

‘Please go to the back alley fifteen minutes later to get your copies,’ one of the assistants said.

I decided to give the wallet to the police after finishing my business. After fifteen minutes, I walked into the alley. There I saw two big men. I thought they were the other sales clerks so I waved my hand with a smile. Who knew that they came up and caught me instantly! They covered my mouth with a handkerchief and bound my hands and legs. They called someone afterwards.

Soon, two people came. They were the girls I had bumped into before! I was scared stiff, but I couldn’t say a word.

‘You are quite reckless, aren’t you? You stole my wallet!’ The girls fired insults at me.

‘Bash him!’ The girl ordered the men. I was bashed.

‘Slap him!’ I was slapped.

‘Whack him!’ I was whacked.

‘Enough!’ The other girl commanded. ‘Take the things we deserve!’ All my properties and the wallet were taken away. The men gave me the last punch and I fainted to death.

In the hospital, the police told me that the girls I had met were the daughters of the head of a gang. Here I would like to warn you, yet I didn’t dare to tell you the gang’s name. Just remember, never get into any illegal activities! Otherwise, you will be in big trouble!