Narrative Writing


Dear Diary,

I wonder why so many things can be happening to me. Critical decision-making and life challenges may change your path forever. Then now, my path has totally lost direction for I'm writing this diary in the detention centre at the police station. I'm being charged with theft, and you, my diary, are the only one who knows how regretful I feel deep inside my heart.

The story started with me myself shopping in the IFC mall when a girl pumped into me.
She was dressed beautifully in a mini-skirt and a pretty T-shirt. Obviously she's rich as she's got a LV bag with her. She then dropped her bag on the floor and all her belongings scattered along the edgeless mall. "I'm really sorry." She apologised. "It's nothing." I replied. I helped to pick up her stuff when I saw a silvery shining purse, reflecting the sun light onto my face. It shone as if a priceless treasure was found deep under the ocean. All my attention was on that purse; I was staring at it thinking deeply.

"To be or not to be?" A question adapted from "Hamlet" immediately popped into my mind. Money, that's what I was all thinking of.  She was rich! The image flashed through my mind: money, money, money. On the other contrary, I felt as if the angel was saying something to me "Don't do that! It hurts!"  But I didn't care. Without being noticed, I quietly put her purse into my pocket, and helped to pick the other stuff for her.

“That's very kind of you!" She exclaimed with thankfulness in her eyes.  Then she walked away with her friend until she was out of sight.

I got a pain in my heart. She was thanking me for helping but I was stealing her personal belonging!  What have I done?  That guilt filled my heart. My face collapsed and I buried it in my palms. The darkness shadowed me and my soul seemed to plummet. I felt as if a howl was going to rise within me. Then I started not to think but to run. How could a thief stand in the centre of the mall? I ran for an exit. Oh! There it was the exit door. I ran for the exit, grasping my breath and trying to act more naturally.  But my whole body betrayed me.

I was trembling. But what more could I do? Run! It was metres to exit, but before reaching it, I was held captivated by one strong tall man, and he's a policeman. He searched my body and found her purse. I was handcuffed, and soon found myself in a police car.  I told the police the truth and showed my regret, but still I had to go to jail, I knew that.  Nevertheless, the police said as I was offending for the first time, the sentence would be light.

I'm going to be in jail, but who can be helping me? Who's supporting me? My parents are all away.

My friends will get away from me. Who's with me?  It seems like the end. But I remember, "All endings are also beginnings. We just don't know it at the time……" So what's my beginning?  Tell me, diary.
Argumentative Writing

A problem has been annoying the schools for quite a while–the students are now eating more and more unhealthy food, some even get fatter and fatter.  But the government wants to promote the healthy eating habit. So if they ban the unhealthy food, then the students will be healthy! Then the government thinks it will really work out to deal with obesity by banning unhealthy food in school canteens, which can somewhat prevent the students from eating unhealthy food during lunchtime.  But in fact many students either bring their own food to school or head off to the nearest restaurants or food shops to choose what they want to eat and make their own arrangements.

Banning the unhealthy food in canteens cannot ban students from eating unhealthy food at all! If they can't buy it at breaks, they do it during lunchtime or they simply bring it back to school!  The quality of their diet will remain unchanged.  The government has only given temporary relief, but it does not get a permanent cure.

Nothing is more important than to have education on diet through schools.  Schools should bring home to students the importance of choosing the right kind of food to eat and to cultivate in them the habit of eating healthy food. Banning unhealthy food in schools will just push students to the nearby fast food shops and that's not what we want to see. You can't make students eat healthy food if they don't want to. Most students only choose the school’s junk food because they aren't aware of what damage it can do to their body and health. That's why education is a lot more important than just a ban.

At this point, you may wonder if the unhealthy food in school canteens would be a temptation to students after the lesson on healthy diets in school. I would be the one who wonder by then if we should ban all the unhealthy food in the entire world.

A reasonable amount of unhealthy food is acceptable.  The point is, we should not be addicted to it or have too much of it.  And most of all, it is to keep a healthy diet.

"There are no rules. All you need is dedication." Restrictions can't solve the problem, neither can dictatorship. But only a small number of students are willing to eat the right food.

After all, when we all have dedication to live our lives in a healthy way, there's no need to ban unhealthy food in school canteens. On the other contrary, taking the unhealthy food out of the school menu will simply drive students to the nearby fast food shops.

If the government wants students in Hong Kong to be healthy, then simply a ban is unworkable.