Unhealthy Food Should Not Be Banned In School Canteens


Unhealthy food is becoming more and more popular among the young generation. Thus, many people suggest banning this kind of food in school canteens to prevent students from eating it. However I totally disagree with this suggestion.

  First of all, not allowing students to have unhealthy food is against the humun rights. It seems that all of us know eating unhealthy food is not good, but still it does not violate the law and students have their right to do so, as long as they get the food legally.

  Also, banning the food is not an efficient method to stop students eating it. The school just thinks of banning the food in canteens, as it is bad to students’ health. Nevertheless, students not being able to eat unhealthy food in school canteens does not mean they cannot have it outside the school. They can always buy the food easily from convenient stores or supermarkets. And the worst is that students may tend to eat more unhealthy food when they are outside school, as they cannot buy the food from the school canteens. Therefore banning unhealthy food in school canteens is only a stopgap to the problem.

  Besides, school is a place to learn but not to avoid from bad substances. Actually it is impossible for school to take away all harmful things from students. So school has the responsibility to teach students why unhealthy food is not good to them, instead of only keeping them away from it. It can lead students to stop eating the food with their own will but not by compulsion. If school bans unhealthy food in canteens straight, students may just desire it even more under the rebellious mind. So we can see that banning unhealthy food in school canteens can lead to negative consequences.

  To conclude, banning unhealthy food is against the human rights. Also it is totally not a practical way to prevent students from eating unhealthy food as they can still get the food in other ways. Banning unhealthy food in school canteens can only be said as a stopgap which would bring out negative consequences.