Is the “Pearl” a good place to be in?


 Hong Kong is regarded as the “Pearl of the Orient”. People won’t praise Hong Kong without reasons. Hong Kong is a famous international city which attracts people all over the world by her special features.

  Hong Kong has lovely weather, since it is situated in the sub-tropical zone. The geographical position of Hong Kong guarantees a warm and humid climate, which is relatively lovelier than some other places. Such a cosy weather gives people a good mood of living.

  Hong Kong is a unique city since different cultures encounter each other, influence each other, and even mix with each other here. We are able to meet people from different places, so that our scope and social circle can be enlarged by living in this international city. This is one of Hong Kong’s special features, and that makes Hong Kong people more competitive.

  Due to the 156 years of British administration, the liable, fair, and modern legal system was introduced to Hong Kong; such a trustworthy legal system is a cornerstone of the well-protected right of people in Hong Kong. No matter how rich or how powerful you are, every one is equal in front of the law: law, instead of the decision of man, becomes the fairest means for solving different disputes in the territory.

  The stable financial system enables Hong Kong to prosper. The active transactions in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange create wealth for Hong Kong people; this is the main reason leading to the prosperity of Hong Kong. As the city is prosperous, taxpayers can afford paying more tax, so that the government has got a lot of revenue and is able to spend a lot of money on social welfare. So, Hong Kong’s welfare system is one of the best in the world. The government has fulfilled its responsibility of taking care of people, so that people need not worry too much about living.

  The transport system in Hong Kong is so well-provided that a car is not a necessity; we can travel conveniently within the territory by different public transport. This provides people a life of efficiency.

  The police force of Hong Kong is one of the most efficient and well-trained in the world. Under the protection of the Hong Kong Police, people are able to live harmoniously and safely.

  A place which is good for people to be in does not only require infrastructure, but also something which enables us a good life. In Hong Kong, we have a reliable legal system and strong police force which lay the foundation of Hong Kong’s stability; we have a stable financial system which helps us make good fortune; we have a convenient transport system which allows people and goods to travel and to be sent quickly and efficiently. All these factors provide Hong Kong a firm foundation to prosper and bring people a good life. Therefore, as Hong Kong possesses all these unique features, it is a good place to be in.