Speech writing


Good morning, Principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates,

 I’m the Chairperson of the school’s Sports Committee.  I’m glad to have this opportunity to talk about health and beauty in this morning assembly.
 I would like to start my speech by asking you one question.  Have you ever thought of going to the cosmetic surgeons to help improve your looks?  Nowadays, more and more people are caring for their figure and appearance, especially young people, who will spend a lot on keeping fit.  They even go to the cosmetic surgeons to improve their looks.
 Besides, do you think that cosmetic surgery is safe?  I can tell you that there must be risk of it.  The increasing number of complaints against the cosmetic surgery industry has highlighted the possibility of operation going wrong.  Dangers of cosmetic surgery range from disfigurement to death.  Therefore, you should think thrice before you take any action.
 Furthermore, other than having cosmetic surgery, you can have many other ways to keep fit.  As the Chairperson of the school’s Sports Committee, I highly recommend you to keep fit by doing sports activities.  It can take a balance between health and fitness.  If you want to grow taller, you can play basketball or skip rope.  If you want to have a slim body, you can swim or dance.
 I believe that my friends would remember I was a fat boy when I was in Form one.  After joining the school’s Sports Committee, I have had more chance to play sports.  And I finally become as fit as it is today.
 Now, there is great news for the schoolmates who want to keep fit but do not know what they should do.  Our school’s Sports Committee will hold a keep-fit class very soon.  We will invite a famous sport teacher to teach you many sport activities.  I think you will like it.
 In the process to success, you may give up very easily.  If you can overcome it, you must have a healthy body at the end.
 Let’s come and join this scheme!  That’s all of my sharing.  Thank you.