Yes, I can!


I can fly up into the sky and visit different countries myself.  This can broaden my horizons.  I want freedom, just like a bird flying in the sky and traveling anywhere he wants.  Can I do this?  I am always over-protected by my family.  I don’t get any chance to do what I like.  I just want to be a bird flapping its wings and traveling a long long journey with trouble.  In my dream, I really want to travel around the world to see how beautiful and amazing it is.  Can I make this dream come true?
 Yes, I can.  I can see the skyscrapers in the modern city and see the fields in the villages.  This kind of life is my favourite.  I can travel to different countries to learn their culture and I can definitely benefit from this journey.  I am in control of my own destiny.  I can be a bird that flies higher and higher and do anything I want.
 One day, I can realize my dream.  Starting from now on, I will try my best to achieve what I have promised.  I must be brave to see the whole world and touch the sky.