Letter to cousin


Dear Chris,


How’s life in Canada? I miss you so much! Guess What? I went for an audition for a major role in Romeo last week. I always tell you that I wanna be an actor and I finally took a step forward. But I was REJECTED! I’ve a really complicated feeling now. Sour? Bitter? I can’t tell. Let me tell you what happened in the audition first.


In the audition, I was required to play two short scenes and I had one hour for preparation. During the preparation time, I did not concentrate on reading the script but kept chatting with a girl. Oh! Silly me! At that time, I was so proud of myself, thinking that the audition was just a piece of cake for me.


Walking on the stage, I saw those serious ‘judges’ and my brain suddenly stopped running! Simply gone blank! I felt extremely nervous! In the first task, I had to hold Juliet’s hands and tell her how much I love her wholeheartedly. But I forgot most of the lines I needed to say! I was so frightened that even my hands kept shaking! It was terrible! I even spoke ‘Juliet’ into ‘Judy’ wrongly. I heard some giggles, to be honest! After about ten minutes of struggling, the director stopped me impatiently. He scolded me that my tone was flat and I was just like speaking with a hateful uncle instead of my lover. Oh dear, I admit that I was really hurt but he was telling the truth.


OK, I know you’re laughing at me now. But the most terrible thing is what came next. In the second task, I was to dance with Juliet. You know what? DANCING! I tried my best to balance myself and dance with the girl while smiling happily like it was the most enjoyable moment. But you know, I’m an extremely bad dancer! I stepped on Juliet’s feet three times and she looked so angry like she wanted to bite me! Worse still, I nearly fell down on the stage as I kicked on a table! Ouch! It looked really stupid! The director’s comment was that I walked, danced, smiled like a robot but not a handsome Romeo. So, I was rejected. No surprise!


As a major role in the drama, I not only messed all the things up, but also acted horribly myself. I should have been serious and respected the tasks given. I’m really a bad actor. Yet, don’t think I’ll give up after this upsetting audition! Although I looked really stupid and silly, I think this experience was great. I learned a really unforgettable and meaningful lesson. I’ll surely try my best to improve my acting skills and practise more from today onwards. Undeniably, I feel a bit depressed now, but I’ll soon get well and grab every chance to improve. One day, I’ll stand on the largest stage as a famous actor! Wait and see! Bravo!


Hey! Write to me if you’re free. I got to go out with sis now. Write soon.


Best wishes,