Lesson Learnt


Last Wednesday, I had the most bizarre Science lesson ever. It was surprising, and yet terrifying.


The school day started with the notoriously boring Science lesson. Mr. Chan was teaching how the nucleus and electrons of an atom interacted. I did try my utmost to stay awake by doodling on my book but soon enough, I failed. My mind wandered, my eye lids were getting heavy and I fell asleep with Mr. Chan’s voice as my sweet lullaby.


“Chris…Chris Wong! Stand up and answer my question!” Mr. Chan yelled at me angrily.


“Here we go with the questions…” I mumbled, eyes closed.


I struggled to open my eyes and when I saw Mr. Chan, my heart skipped a beat. He had turned into a ROBOT!


Standing up shocked, I was unable to respond in real time. I asked my classmates if they had seen Mr. Chan’s “transformation”, but they just mocked me, “Mate, you’re crazy!” It seemed that I was the only one seeing all these odd things happening. I was so confused that at some point, I wondered if I had really gone crazy as my classmates said.


Feeling terrified and puzzled, I almost let my tears out. The way the robot (or Mr. Chan) stared at me made me anxious and feel extremely uncomfortable. Finally, the robot continued teaching, the lesson went on as a usual one did, and I was confused, terrified, anxious and feeling uneasy all through the 20 minutes, which was like a year long.


At the end of the lesson, while my feet were numb, the robot put its hand on its head and started twisting it. I attempted to move but failed hard. I realized it was Mr. Chan’s head inside the robot head. It was Mr. Chan! He and my classmates played a great joke on me!


Hahahaha…” Mr. Chan and my classmates all had a good laugh.


Would you ever sleep in my class again? That’s your punishment, Chris.” Mr. Chan said.


 I’ve learnt my lesson, Sir” I replied, feeling relieved.