Advertising techniques that lure you to buy


Recently, a brand name watch manufacturer has produced an advertisement to promote its new luxury watches. Since it has invited a world tennis champion to promote the item and at the same time, added a lot of attracting descriptions about the watch, the product has successfully aroused the interest of many potential customers. In fact, what makes that watch so fascinating is not its own characteristic, but the advertising techniques used by the company.


One of the techniques used in the above-mentioned advertisement is the celebrity effect, which is a very common promotional strategy used to boost the sale volume. As celebrities including athletes and artists usually have very positive images in people’s mind, customers tend to believe that the products that they are promoting are of high quality and worth buying. Thus, by employing the celebrities as the spokespersons of the products, the company can easily build up goodwill for their items and help gain confidence from the customers.


Not only can the celebrities effect help the product to build up a good reputation, it can also arouse the desire of customers to own the products. In most cases, the advertisement will portray the celebrities who are using their products as a very successful or glamoring person as this can make people associate their products with a pile of positive things, like beauty, social status and power. It also helps create an illusion that once you own the product, you can act like the celebrity in the advertisement. For example, if you wear the sports shoes worn by Liu Xia in the advertisement, it seems that or it makes you feel that you can run as fast as him. The celebrity effect is a good reason to explain why advertisements can always create a great power to attract people to buy certain products.


Besides the celebrity effect, the clever use of language and words is also another useful advertising technique. Take the luxury watches advertisement as an example. The heading of the advertisement say that “Possess a timeless moment of grace, in touch with city life’s fast pace” Doubtless, it is a very romantic slogan which makes people think that wearing their watch is an amazing and fantastic thing.


Also, customers are often attracted by the descriptions of the products in the advertisement. For example, the advertisement of the luxury watch claims that their product is a classic style created by advanced technology and a combination of art and science. These descriptions are actually aiming at putting an equal sign between the word “high-class” and their product, which will make you feel that by having their product, you can stand out among others and suddenly become a person of good taste.


Companies are always thinking of countless advertising techniques which try to persuade us to buy their products. However, as brilliant consumers, we should always be conscious about the techniques used by the companies and clearly identify what is the thing that we really need.