A letter to myself


25th Nov, 1912

Dear future me,


Hey! What’s up? I’m having fun in the old Hong Kong now. I mean OLD! I‘ve been transported to a century ago and it’s really nuts! But I’m gonna show you what I see here that you’d never know.


Things here are so different from the modern times’. The gothic, old, classic style-buildings give me an illusion like I’m in Europe! The architectures are epic, so is the view. Well, I mean, the Victoria Harbour I see in this time is definitely wider and clearer than the one you see in your times. I guess I’m about at the Peak when I first got transported here. So I decided to go up to the Peak and see the whole picture of the old Hong Kong. Unluckily, only those British and men of means could go there since the Peak was regarded as a “wealthy area”, so the Indian policeman stopped me and asked me to leave. But I really didn’t want to miss this golden chance to see the old Hong Kong from head to toe. I mean, how can I ever have another chance to travel back in time? So I started bargaining with him, half demanding and half begging to see if I could convince him. He looked at me with surprise, questioning me about my identity. I guess it’s because not every Chinese man at that time could speak English, not to mention a teenage girl, he was shocked. Perhaps he’s afraid I ‘m sort of a daughter of an officer, so he finally let me in. Ha!


I’m not joking! The scene’s so stunning. It’s like a place in a foreign country that you always want to live in. I wished I could take a picture for ya but my cellphone didn’t work here. After appreciating the amazing landscape, I walked down the slope and tried to go back to town. Meanwhile, I saw those expensive and classy cars driving up to the hills, in which all British and foreigners were in tuxedoes and bowties. These people were ruling the roost in Hong Kong at that time. I stopped and turned my head, seeing how they usually talked to people after they got out of the cars. Well, as I expected, they were high-headed, not only when they talked, but they also walked pompously! Ugh!

When I went back in town, things were more lively and energetic. I could see people selling different products and food which I’ve never seen before my whole life. Hawkers were yelling to draw people’s attention; the coolies were scurrying around to try to get a business to earn a few cents for a living. The rickshaw caught my attention since I‘ve never traveled by it before. So I went to the coolie and asked him to give me a lift, and thus I could enjoy the ride while watching the street life in old Hong Kong. What a good way to kill two birds with one stone. Lol !


It felt like I was walking into the picture that once I saw before. There’re no skyscrapers, no men in the tuxedo, and… I saw many nice and friendly people instead. When I went to a food stall, the waitress gave me a warm welcome even though it’s the first time we met. The food was delicious but I just forgot the name. What a pity! If I remembered it, you could Google it online and see if it’s still available in some shops. (But I doubt it, haha!) Anyway, I enjoyed it so much but when I was going to pay the bill, I found I had lost my wallet! Geez! I might go into jail if it happened to you, in your time. I was so panic that I almost cried. But she just smiled and let me go. Her generous act moved and surprised me. Come on! Most people in your time are so money-minded and quite selfish. Do you think people would let you go when you didn’t have money to pay after having a full meal in Cha Chaan Teng.


I like how people here are easily satisfied with their lives. They’re simple, happy and generous. They won’t compete about iPhone or Samsung. They don’t chase after Gucci or Chanel. More importantly, they have tolerance, unlike HongKongers in your time who always like to complain. Simple life can be fun too!


Guess you may remember all these scenes while you’re reading the letter. Still remember the dog? I think you’ll smile if you get it. Shuu…! That’s our secret!





Me from 1912