Book Report on A Christmas Carol



Book Title: A Christmas Carol                      

Author: Charles Dickens


This is a story about Christmas.  Ebenezer Scrooge was a mean, cold hearted man who loved money very much and never shared it with anyone.  On one Christmas day, his nephew, Bob Cratchit, was working in his office shivering because Scrooge was greedy and wouldn’t pay for the fee of coal.  Then, some charity volunteers came to his office and asked for some money for the homeless and the poor but obviously, Scrooge refused to give any money. At night, the ghost of Jacob Marley, his business partner, the ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Yet-to-come came to him and warned him that if he wouldn’t change his attitude to others, he would face loneliness forever. Without love and friendship, probably he would end up just like his friend Marley, covered in chains and stuff.  But at last, he learnt his lesson and became a really nice man that represented the spirit of Christmas.


“A Christmas Carol” is a book with many unexpected surprises such as scary contents, weird characters and unbelievable endings and many more. This book used the exciting adventures that Scrooge experienced to bring out the spirit of Christmas, which is ‘It’s never too late to change and to love and share’.  This story tells me that if you are mean to others and only love money, you’ll never get love or friendship from others.


Ebenezer Scrooge was the meanest money lover that everybody was afraid of. Nobody liked him before he learnt his lesson.  Although he had a lot of money, he still had some emptiness in him because he didn’t have any love or friendship.


The story has many exciting contents that make this book interesting, attractive and popular.  In the story, Scrooge travelled around his own Christmas Past, Present and Yet-to-Come.  There were exciting moments, scary moments and even touching moments. It’s like a combination of different moments for a story.


The whole story, both ideas and plots, is exciting.  Since it is the work of a great author, Charles Dickens, I can’t find any defect in this story.  The only suggestion I can give is that in the part when Scrooge met the ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come, the author can make the ending a little less scary so that even younger children can read it too, and more people can read this book.


In general, this is a really interesting and exciting book which teaches us the spirit of Christmas.  It is exciting with a little creepiness. But overall, it is a good book if you are not easily scared. I highly recommend this book to secondary school students.