An unforgettable experience



Yesterday I went to the library to revise for the history quiz on Friday. The library was almost empty so it was quieter than usual.  Suddenly, I heard a weird bumping sound from the multi-media corner.


It was so loud that I got curious and went over there to see what was wrong. As I went there, I saw a weird-looking lady in a big brown coat with a mask and wig.  She was covered by a big pile of maths reference books. When I helped her to get up, every disguise on her head fell down. The next thing I saw was that, the “mystery lady” was Jordan Sparks, the famous singer!


When I was about to scream, she quickly covered my mouth and said ,”Hush, nobody knew I was here. I just want to get away from the paparazzi and have some time of my own. So please, don’t scream!” As soon as I calmed down, she smiled. But then, she left.


Who says that you can’t meet a celebrity in an ordinary library? What an unforgettable experience!