A letter to the principal on the use of lockers at school (6B Lai Nok, Chelsea)


Dear Ms Lee, 

I am writing to express the views of students regarding the access of school lockers. We, the Students Union, conducted a survey on the issue last week, and received 112 responses from students of all forms. It is suggested that all students should be allowed to use a Locker.

Currently, the schools Locker policy only allows senior from students to have access to School lockers. However, junior from students also emphasised the needs of using lockers according to our survey. After our thorough investigation and scanning of the responses from our survey, we concluded the following major reasons on why all students should have access to school lockers.

To commence with, health risk may be imposed on students if they are not allowed to use the lockers. According to our survey, junior students carry an average of 8 books every day, not to mention their water bottles, worksheets, and lunch boxes. With reference to a report by the Children’s Growth Organisation, carrying a heavy backpack causes heavy pressure to students’ vertebral column. Junior students are at the growth age, and a backpack is detrimental to the growth of bones. If the school allows students to use a locker, they may put their reference books such as a thick dictionary in it. The weight of their schoolbags can be greatly reduced. It is believed that students health is the first and foremost concern of the school when designing school rules, therefore junior students should be allowed to own a locker too.

Moreover, allowing all students to use a locker is in line with the equality principle. It is believed that all students should be treated fairly. According to our survey, junior students express their grudge and query on the reason why senior students have more rights. After subject selection, senior students study fewer subjects than junior students. Logically, the backpack should be lighter. Junior students felt it was unfair that they don’t have access to lockers even though they are studying more subjects. Senior students also agreed that they felt it was unfair when they were in junior forms. Senior students should not be the only ones who have the privilege of using the lockers. It is neither fair, no fulfilling the principle of education.

Last but not least, access to lockers can enhance students’ learning efficiency and effectiveness. Junior students mentioned that they failed to bring all the textbooks, reference books and their worksheets for their lesson, since their backpacks lack space and it is too weighty for them to carry. As a result, they cannot make notes on their books during lessons and revised adequately afterwards. They may not be able to acquire the new knowledge taught. School is the place for students to learn efficiently and effectively, therefore schools should provide lockers for all students to facilitate learning.

We should not hold a folder arm to the locker issue as it imposes negative impacts to students health and learning, and violates the educational principle of equality. It is hoped that the school can review their opinion of students and allow all students to gain access to lockers.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Wong


Student Union