A guide for first-time visitors to Hong Kong Adventure Farm (6A Tam Tsz Ying)


About Hong Kong Adventure Farm

Hong Kong Adventure Farm was founded by Jake Tayler in 2010.  The reason why the farm is located in Sai Kung is that this place was the property of Mr Taylor.  Before 2010, Hong Kong Adventure Farm was still an old, abandoned farm owned by Mr Taylor.  However, one day Mr Taylor thought that perhaps he could renovate the place and turn it into a family-friendly farm.  As a result, Hong Kong Adventure Farm was established.  We target families and do our best to let them spend a good time together.

Top three things to see and do

As recommended by all our staff, the number one thing to do here is to see the gorgeous natural waterfall.  After you have arrived at the Waterfall Station, you will see the waterfall immediately.  We call the waterfall ‘Glitterfall’ because when you stand on the lookout point at around 5 pm, there is the reflection of sunlight, which adds brightness and glitter to the water.  All of our visitors stand in awe seeing the view.  Afterall, it is rare that there is a waterfall on a farm, so coming to this spot is a must-do.

On top of that, we recommend visitors stay overnight at our campsite.  Our farm provides a large area for families to put up their tent to sleep overnight.  Having not much light in the countryside, visitors can escape from the hustle and bustle in the city and immerse in the ambience in nature.  If the weather is good, you might be able to see our celestial neighbour and lots of stars.  A point that is noteworthy is we ensure a considerable distance between tents.  So, you can enjoy your privacy while looking at the sky, cooking a meal or chattering with your loved ones.

The last thing not to be missed is to join our horse-riding lessons near the Lake Side Station.  Horse-riding sounds like a luxury as it requires a huge piece of land but that’s what we can offer.  WE provide 15-minute trials for free with the assistance of certified coaches.  If learners have developed a real interest in horse riding, there are regular courses they can join in future.  We have got horses of different sizes to suit the learners.  Just leave your worries and concerns to us and our coaches will ensure the safety of riders.  Our farm always places our guests in the first priority.

We hope you will enjoy our services and have an amazing time at Hong Kong Adventure Farm!